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OneRepublic-Ordinary Human

Submit from fatcat1rlover  :

Hi!  I discovered something interesting about Ryan! And please share it with other fans :)  If you noticed on the right and left side this album cover there are handwriting..when I first saw them I thought ” it looks familiar! ” Then I tried read what it is.I discovered that it’s handwriting song called “Neon Lights” and then I realised that Ryan wrote this song for Natasha! And now I’m 100 % sure that it’s his handwriting!

OneRepublic Wallpaper in nine different shades :)

smile .

Ordinary Human

3,826 plays
The Giver (Soundtrack)

It’s soundtrack from The Giver and new song “Ordinary Human” by OneRepublic

OneRepublic is like W.I.T.C.H  :)

All The Right Hat-Faces

352 plays
Ryan Tedder & Natasha Bedingfield,
Live Version from Concert

It’s acoustic version of “Good Life” by Ryan Tedder and Natasha Bedingfield from her concert

446 plays
Version from "Bite of Las Vegas"

Cover “Gold Digger” by OneRepublic it’s version from “Bite of Las Vegas”

Asker Anonymous Asks:
can you post a link to this "video where Ryan present himself on the radio"? :D
onerepubliclife onerepubliclife Said:

Look down on my tumblr with post “Ryan <3” because I posted this video..I don’t remember where I found it but I downloaded it for my computer and uploaded here :)