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One Love,One Life =OneRepublic <3
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Wallpapers with Ryan Tedder

His eyes always look amazing!

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OneRepublic-Ordinary Human

Submit from fatcat1rlover  :

Hi!  I discovered something interesting about Ryan! And please share it with other fans :)  If you noticed on the right and left side this album cover there are handwriting..when I first saw them I thought ” it looks familiar! ” Then I tried read what it is.I discovered that it’s handwriting song called “Neon Lights” and then I realised that Ryan wrote this song for Natasha! And now I’m 100 % sure that it’s his handwriting!

OneRepublic Wallpaper in nine different shades :)

smile .

Ordinary Human

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The Giver (Soundtrack)

It’s soundtrack from The Giver and new song “Ordinary Human” by OneRepublic

OneRepublic is like W.I.T.C.H  :)

All The Right Hat-Faces

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Ryan Tedder & Natasha Bedingfield,
Live Version from Concert

It’s acoustic version of “Good Life” by Ryan Tedder and Natasha Bedingfield from her concert