One Love = OneRepublic

One Love,One Life =OneRepublic <3
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He is so emotional …


      ..Like always <3

one of his cute faces &lt;3

one of his cute faces <3

I Love when he wearing &#8221; V &#8221; t-shirt  &lt;3

I Love when he wearing ” V ” t-shirt  <3

Moment from Yahoo Concert when Ryan show his chest!!!

#amazing impression

This photo was taken three years ago by my friend..When I first saw it I was speechless..  Why? When I looked at Ryan’s crotch I had impression that his second microphone look like something other(if you know what I mean :> )

Asker natbarrtw Asks:
Hello, I just wanted to say that I looooove your blog!!!! Is really really awesome! My favorite 1R blog! The best blog about The best band!😍😋
onerepubliclife onerepubliclife Said:

Hi! Ohh it’s really nice <3 Thanks <3 I’m glad that you like it! :) OneRepublic is my favourite band too ,so on my tumblr I sharing my love with others :) We OneRepublic fans are like family! :)

Pictures OneRepublic’s fans with Ryan are always beautiful no matter if fan is ugly or not.. Ryan is cute and everything next to him is cute!!

I didn’t slept all night . I watched Yahoo OneRepublic Live Concert..and now I know that It was WORTH..because Ryan SHOWED HIS CHEST when he wiped face his t-shirt !!!!

Life is better when you have next to you the best friend