All we have ONE life and ONE true love. No matter if you are girl or boy, You are black or white or you have slanted eyes, What's your orientation, What is your religion. All we have ONEREPUBLIC ! This is OUR life and love! All we OneRepublic fans are like ONE big family!

This is perfection.

Ryan + Zach = The Best Friends

Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Live Version from Dublin
Song: Take Me to Church (OneRepublic Cover)
Plays: 858
Just found it on the net.. is it fake?

Just found it on the net.. is it fake?

if you want see something unusual, you must carefully stare.

#Something #I #Need

Ryan and his cute faces.

Brent & Cigarette

Brent & Cigarette

Ryan and different things on a stage.

Ryan- person who always look sexy.. in every situation.